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Mrs. Russell

English 10 Honors

English 10

House 1-Room 119




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Please see our Schoology page for information regarding assignments, and current resources.  





Grading Policy:


Students will be graded on a variety of different assignments throughout the school year including class participation and preparedness.  Marking period averages are determined using the following breakdown:




Summative Assessments


Tests, Projects, Essays

Formative Assessments


Quizzes, Writing prompts, Homework







Each student is required to have the assigned textbook or novel each day in class.  You are also required to have the following items each day in class:


  • Binder filled with lined paper
  • Pen and Pencil
  • Chromebook 




Classroom Rules:


**Note:  All BHS rules will be enforced in class each day **


  1. Each student is required to come to class prepared each day.  Failure to come to class without required materials will affect your class participation grade.
  2. When the bell rings, you are required to be in your seat and ready to work.  There will ALWAYS be a Do Now assignment on the board at the beginning of class, which is to be started immediately.
  3. No student will be permitted to go to his/her locker during class time.  All necessary books and materials must be brought to class each day.
  4. Cell phones


  • Cell phones are not permitted in class without my permission.  If I see a cell phone out during class, it will result in disciplinary action.

    5. Classroom Cleanliness


  • The classroom must be kept neat and orderly at all times.  Desks and classroom furniture are not to be moved without my permission.  Garbage should be placed in waste baskets and should never be left on desks or the floor.  Any act of vandalism or damage to classroom property will be handled according to the BHS policy.

    6. Seating Chart


  • A seating chart must be followed and may be changed periodically throughout the school year.  You must sit in your designated seat each day.


    7. RESPECT


  • While in my classroom, you are expected to be respectful of everyone and everything around you at all times.  Demonstrate self-discipline and a respectful attitude toward others.  Please take responsibility for your own actions.    

     8.  Demonstrate a desire to succeed. Be an active learner.    






Homework will be assigned regularly and must be completed by the following day unless stated otherwise.  Incomplete homework will not receive credit.  Homework is posted in the classroom each day.






All out of class writing assignments are required to be typed in Times New Roman or Courier New (size 12) font and should be double spaced.  Assignments will be evaluated for proper grammar, as well as composition.  Students are expected to read and follow individual assignment directions.






Textbooks and novels will be assigned to each student throughout the year.  It is your responsibility to bring your textbook or novel to class each day.  If a textbook or novel is lost or stolen, you will be responsible for paying the English Department for a new one.








According to Department policy, if you are caught plagiarizing any part of an assignment, I will immediately make my Director aware of the situation.  While students are encouraged to work together at times during class, each student is responsible for his/her own work.  Students who have duplicated another person’s work will receive a zero for that assignment. 




Make up work


It is each student’s responsibility to make up all work in a timely manner.  If a student misses a test or quiz due to absence, he/she will be given 3 days to make up tests/quizzes.  Students are required to make an appointment with me during zero period or after school to make up tests/quizzes.  If a student fails to hand in an assignment on time, the assignment will lose 10 points each day it is late and not handed in.






  • Any student arriving late after the second bell is considered late.
  • A pass is required from a teacher, nurse, guidance, or VP for a late to be considered excused.






  • Any student absent from class but present in school will be considered to have cut the class.
  • If a student knows he/she will miss class before the fact due to an excused absence (ex. Field trip, nurse, guidance appointment), he/she should inform me prior to the missed class and is responsible for any work missed.
  • Substitute Work:  In the case of my absence, class work will be assigned by the substitute teacher and collected at the end of the period.  This will count as a quiz grade (40 percent of your grade).






Please feel free to contact me via email at any time at [email protected].