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 Zero Period Tutorial:

Ms. McCullough Rm 5-340


***Please utilize the below email addresses to communicate with your teachers:


Ms. McCullough [email protected]


Mrs. Goldman [email protected]






General Biology 2023-2024


Class supply list: 


-Headphones or earbuds


-Spiral notebook or loose-leaf trapper keeper 


-2 pocket folders for handouts and notes


-pens (black and blue only) and pencils with erasers


-colored pencils








70% tests 


20% labs, quizzes


10% classwork,homework




Students should have their chromebooks with them everyday.  They must be charged and and ready to use.  If the student is having an issue with their chromebook (not working, not holding a charge, etc.) 


Work Quality


Homework and class work should be handed in in a neat and legible condition.  If it can't be read it can't be graded.  All work (unless math or graphing) should be done in pen.  Edges from spiral notebooks must be cut.  Unless otherwise specified, reports should be typed. 


     The school library is open zero period everyday if a home computer is unavailable.  




If a student is absent from class due to illness, guidance, class trips, etc., they are still responsible for the work they have missed.  Students should attend zero period the day they return to class to pick up any missed assignments.  An extension of due dates will be given to allow the student a fair amount of time to makeup the missed work. 


     Due to the fact that lecture is continuous, missed tests should be made up ASAP .  Students must make up missed tests within a week of their re-admittance to school.  Test dates are posted 2-4 days prior to the actual date so students are well aware of upcoming assessments.  The longer a student puts off a test the more new material they will have to absorb in addition to what they need to study.  The sooner the test is made up the easier it will be for them. 





CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!  This includes cheating on tests, copying homework, and plagiarizing.  Cheating on a test will result in an automatic zero.  Copied work will result in a splitting of the grade (homework that would have received 100 will result in each student receiving a 50).  Plagiarized work will receive a zero.  Each of these cases will also result in a call home to a parent/guardian.


Late assignments:


Homework is kept as a running list on the board for the entire week.  It is then relocated to another board so a student can easily view the work given for the entire marking period.  


     Homework must be handed in on the due date.  Late work will be accepted but will receive a reduction of ten points per day after the due date.  Work that is not handed in will receive an automatic zero.  It is better to hand in work late than not at all.  


Standardized Testing


During junior, the state of New Jersey will be administering a science test including biology, chemistry, and physics.  The test is mandatory and will include all juniors.  Please be aware that it is of the utmost importance that your student takes this class seriously and tries his/her best, as the test is cumulative of the entire course.  


Please review the student handbook with your student to become familiar with the school policies including class cutting, lateness, and uniform. 

We hope you have a very productive 2023-2024 school year.  




Mrs. McCullough and Mrs. Goldman