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General Information
Email:                                     [email protected]
Tutor/meeting times:                  Zero Period Tutorial!
                                                    8:00 - 8:39am 
Zero Period Tutoring                Room 5336
House 6 Contact:                      201.858.6293
General Class Information

     - No unauthorized electronic gadgets of any kind.  

     - Tardiness is not acceptable.  When the bell rings you should be at your seat, materials set up, and working on the bellwork for the day.

     - Attendance is mandatory!  Make-ups will be given at the discretion of the teacher.  Make every effort to attend ALL classes, especially on test and lab days.

     - It is required that you come to class prepared everyday.  This means you need your Chromebook, notebook, textbook, pens, and your full uniform. 

     - Homework is to be completed in your notebook, or a Google Doc, and will be checked on a regular basis.  Notebook/homework checks will be announced in advance.

     - Class participation grades will be added on a weekly basis, and will factor into your lab/classwork grade for the marking period.  

     - All late work must be submitted in person, during zero period and no more than one week late to receive reduced credit. (80%)  Any assignments outside of these criteria will not be accepted.

Class Rules

                         Only one person speaks at any one time.

                         Never disrespect anyone for any reason. 

                       Always take responsibility for your actions. 

“No one has the right to interfere with the learning, safety, or well-being of others.”