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This is our 2019-2020 school year!

Our Weekly Schedule

   Period 1: 8:48 - 9:25  Social Studies 3A

Period 2:  9:27 - 10:04  Specials     

Period 3:  10:06 - 10:43  ELA - 3A  

 Period 4:  10:45 -11:22  ELA - 3A    

 Period 5:  11:24 - 12:01  ELA - 3B   

    Period 6:  12:03 - 12:40  ELA - 3B      

Period 7: :12:42 - 1:12  Lunch       

           1:32 - 1:58  Recess    

Period 8:  1:32 - 1:58   SHOP       

  Period 9:  Social Studies 3B             



Monday - Art

Tuesday - Music

Wednesday - PE

Thursday - Spanish

Friday - PE     



* My  Homework - I use Remind to tell of homework, upcoming tests, and class notices. We also will enter any homework, tests, and class notices in our agenda books. Please check the agenda books every day.  If you have any questions/requests/ concerns, please email me at my school email address.

My Dojo is up and running. Please let me know if you got my invitation to join by e mailing me or responding on Dojo.






Homework is Monday through Thursday. You can check what the daily homework is in your child's agenda book. It is checked every day in class.


  The Daily Reading Log. 30 minutes will be assigned every night. There is a book review due every day, and You MUST sign your child's log every night. This is how I know that your little one has read to or with you. Your child is encouraged to read a "good fit" book. 


  Spelling is based on stories and novels.There may be various spelling homework assignments Monday through Thursday.




  Grammar is done throughout the year. Tests will be posted in the agenda books. 




Supplies needed for the 2018/2019 School Year


ELA/Social Studies




2- 5 subject notebook (Reading & Spelling/ Grammar) 


1- single subject notebook (Social Studies) 


5 - Heavy Duty, three pronged folders (Writer's Workshop, Social Studies, ELA)


Sharpened Pencils 


Pencil box/bag/case 
3 - Assorted Highlighters 


2 - Dry Erase Markers 


1- Colored Pen (Any Color) 


Earbuds/Headphones for computer use in a plastic bag with name on them 




Lysol Wipes 


1- reusable water bottle-for personal use 
Index Cards
Post It Packet


 ** Please no binders, they will not fit in the desks**